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17:00 - 05.06.2022 - Cinema - 12/15 zł - more


17:00 - 05.06.2022 - 12/15 zł - more
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“Spree” is a predatory satire on social media, produced, among others, by Drake and filmed entirely with smartphones and GoPro cameras.

Kurt (Joe Keery, known from “Stranger Things”) has been unsuccessfully dreaming about the status of an influencer and great popularity on the Internet for years. In another attempt to achieve his dream, he becomes a taxi driver in the Spree app. When his videos do not gain the expected attention, he begins killing his passengers and broadcasting the murders live on the Internet. And all this in pursuit of subscribers.

“Spree” is a predatory satire on social media, produced, among others, by Drake and played entirely on the screens of smartphones and GoPro cameras. Black humor and grotesque blend with social reflection, and events quickly gain unexpected pace. The story is told in a formally intriguing way that fits perfectly with the poetics of the modern Internet, thanks to which “Spree” looks like a one-of-a-kind film adaptation of “GTA”, spiced up with references to “American Psycho”. We know we shouldn’t watch, but we can’t look away.

director: Eugene Kotlyarenko
cast: Joe Keery, Sasheer Zamata, David Arquette, Kyle Mooney, Mischa Barton
comedy, thriller / USA 2020
duration: 93 min

We would like to remind you that the CK Cinema has the slogan “Cinema, not popcorn”, which means that we focus on screenings without advertising. Hours of screenings in our cinema are tantamount to the start of the film screening. Please arrive on time. According to the regulations, latecomers will not be admitted to screenings.

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05-06-2022 - 12/15 zł - more

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