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Tatvamasi / Luís Vicente, Vasco Trilla

20:30 - 05.04.2019 - Piwnice CK - more

Tatvamasi / Luís Vicente, Vasco Trilla

20:30 - 05.04.2019 - more

Third Ear Music is a new series of musical meetings, which will consist of improvised concerts of the Tatvamasi group with invited European musicians.
This time the guests of the Tatvamasi will be a Portuguese-Catalan duo Luis Vicente / Vasco Trilla.

The duet will play in Lublin as part of their European tour, promoting the album “A Brighter Side of Darkness”. Their music is passionate free improvisation. On a daily basis they cooperate with the biggest figures of contemporary jazz and improvised music. They travel all over the world, giving concerts, recording and experimenting. They have several dozen released albums and excellent reviews on their account.

Tatvamasi is Polish quartet performing instrumental rock music enhanced by the tenderness of jazz, dimmed with psychedelic mist, distorted with tensions of underground. Their debut album -Parts of the Entirety (2013)- caused quite a mess, and not only on the Polish music scene. Once noted and appreciated, they were given the opportunity to record their debut album at the American Cuneiform Records. Cuneiform is an iconic record company, widely known among prog-rock and avant-garde rock enthusiasts, it is -let’s say- a custodian for Canterbury Scene achievements. Tatvamasi’s European tour was widely and positively received and reviewed at press. Their uniqueness consists of many features, including the Slavic sensitivity of the leader (who also formed the Santa Claus Orchestra and Ann of the Green Gables) filtered through progressive, jazz-rock narrative, enriched with elements of avant-garde, free jazz and free improvisation. Joggling with conventions and improvising, they create their own puzzle. Among their inspirations we’ve got the already mentioned Canterbury Scene (Soft Machine, Gong), krautrock (Amon Düll II, Can) and New York Downtown Scene. They share the ease, the sense of humour and absurd and a total lack of pomposity with the Englishmen from Canterbury; the raw, underground energy and pulsations with krautrock and the avant-garde (minimalism, sonorism) mixed with ethnic inspirations (Slavic and Jewish folklore, and Arabic scales) with the Downtown Scene. Tatvamasi is eclectic – jazz freedom of improvisation, rock sensibility upbeat with black blues and psychedelia, funky freedom and joy for music plus some serious folklore romanticism. This mishmash, seemingly insane and chaotic, is simultaneously precise, deliberate and pleasantly melodic.

Anna Witkowska – violin,
Małgorzata Pietroń – cello,
Michał Ostrowski – violin,
Grzegorz Lesiak – guitar, compositions,
Tomasz Piątek – tenor sax,
Łukasz Downar – bass guitar,
Krzysztof Redas – drums


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Tatvamasi / Luís Vicente, Vasco Trilla

05-04-2019 - more

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