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Ten y(e)arⁿs

17:00 - 21.03.2024 - plac przed Centrum Kultury - free admission - more

Ten y(e)arⁿs

17:00 - 21.03.2024 - free admission - more

An artistic installation to celebrate the 10th birthday of the „Otulanie włóczką” – Yarnbombing Lublin group.

“Ten y(e)arⁿs” is a review of works prepared by the group over the years. Among them the most characteristic installations which graced the public
spaces, such as trees in sweaters, bike racks, charity items, pieces in Ukrainian colours, mandalas, “painting” in yarn and many more. The organizers invited groups and artists from Poland and around the world that conduct similar activities. Groups from Belgium, Finland and “Moje Szmulki” from Warsaw's Prague sent it their works. The event is an opportunity to introduce this idea to the city's residents and emphasize that such installations are popular all over the world. The works are an example that street art does not have to be associated only with acts of vandalism.

  • Zdjęcie przedstawia wyszyty włóczką obrazek, zawieszony na bramie. Obrazek przedstawia pirata płynącego statkiem.
  • Zdjęcie przedstawia drewniana pergolę w miejskim parku. Na dachu pergoli zawieszone są kolorowe okręgi wykonane z włóczki.
  • Przestrzeń przed Centrum Kultury w Lublinie. Murek owinięty jest kolorową ozdoba wykonana z włóczki. Pod murkiem stoja trzy ławki. W tle znajdują się sklepy i budynki biurowe.

Otulanie włóczką is a group that brings a type of street art popular all over the world, the "yarnbombing" to Lublin. These are non-interventional installations that aim to enliven and color public space. Over the years group carried out 137 installations and activities, including works in urban space, social and charitable activities. Since 2022, the group's works are also presented abroad, during yarnbombing festival – in Italy (two festivals) and Switzerland. The group was the only Polish representative at the Woolinale – 1st International Yarnbombing Festival in Cologne, Germany. Over the course
of 10 years, about 50 women of different generations and professions were part of the group. Currently, 8 women participate in the meetings, but the group is always open to new participants – everyone who shares a passion for handicraft, regardless of age, gender or origin is invited.

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21.03 – 04.04.2024


plac przed Centrum Kultury

Ten y(e)arⁿs

21-03-2024 - free admission - more

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