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Marta Wołowiec / Karolina Kraczkowska

Tens / The Vessel

18:00 - 09.04.2022 - 15/25 zł - more
Marta Wołowiec / Karolina Kraczkowska

Tens / The Vessel

18:00 - 09.04.2022 - 15/25 zł - more
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Marta Wołowiec: „Tens”

Whatever you create will be influeneced by the energy you carry inside of you when you create it.

Akiroq Brost

The performance explores the concept of the body as the energy generator. The artist seeks organicity resulting from the flow of physical sensations, vibrations, following the voice of intuition. She gives herself time to develop, she also gives the audience time to tune their own bodies with the performer’s. This piece is about tension, attentiveness and calmness, as well as the strength that can always be found by standing firmly on one’s feet and breathing in and out deeply.

*Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is a method of pain relief involving the use of a mild electrical current. The electrical impulses can reduce the pain signals going to the spinal cord and brain, which may help relieve pain and relax muscles. They may also stimulate the production of endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkillers.

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Marta Wołowiec –  bio
Marta Wołowiec is a Polish dancer, choreographer, head and co-founder of the Krakow Choreographic Centre at the Nowa Huta Cultural Centre. She created two solo performances with live electronic music. The co-author and dancer in interdisciplinary performances which combine movement, multimedia and music. In her recent works, she has been exploring the concepts of the energy, progressive-trance movement and the engagement of the viewer through mutual awakening of mind and body awareness.

ATTENTION: during the show the stroboscope effect is used

concept, choreography, dance: Marta Wołowiec; live electronic music: Wojciech Kiwer; lights: Krzysztof Dziedzic;
producer: Krakow Choreographic Centre – Nowa Huta Cultural Centre; duration: 30 min

Karolina Kraczkowska: „The Vessel”

The vessel protects what it contains. Without a strong vessel the process of transformation cannot proceed. When the stimulus is too strong the boundaries of our container may become over stressed. Too tight, we have a limited ability to integrate the new. Promptly plugging the holes that leak we fail to acknowledge the benefits of leakages, collapses and reintegration. The vessel prompts the question is it now time to break, build, repair or fill the container with new precious content?

  • Zdjęcie. Kobieta ubrana w pomarańczowe dresowe spodnie i krótką bluzkę w kolorowe wzory leży na scenie odwrócona tyłem. Ma odkrytą połowę pleców.
  • Czarno-białe zdjęcie. na zbliżeniu tułów nagiej kobiety w pozycji embrionalnej. Jej ramię i kolano oplatają sznury pereł.
  • Zdjęcie. Zdjęcie. Kobieta ubrana w pomarańczowe dresowe spodnie i krótką bluzkę w kolorowe wzory znajduje się na scenie. Stoi na głowie.
  • Czarno białe zdjęcie. na zbliżeniu nagie plecy kobiety. Na jej ramieniu wisi sznur pereł.

Karolina Kraczkowska –  bio
Dancer and maker affiliated with the choreographic collective Centre in Motion in Warsaw. She majored in Applied Linguistics from Warsaw University and in Dance in Performance at Laban Centre in London.
Former member of the Polish Dance Theatre. As a freelancer she collaborated on projects choreographed by Jasmin Vardimon, Fin Walker, Michael Keegan-Dolan, Kirstine Kyhl Andersen, Christoph Winkler, Janina Rajakangas, Leila Macmillan, Riccardo Buscarini, Tino Sehgal, Ula Sickle, Marten Spangberg and Tino Sehgal. Currently working with young Polish makers Alex Baczynski- Jenkins, Marta Ziółek, Ramona Nagabczyńska, Magda Ptasznik, Renata Piotrowska, Maria Stokłosa, Paweł Sakowicz, theatre directors and dramaturges. Recipient of the DanceWeb scholarship (2016) under the mentorship of Tino Sehgal.

Alongside she develops her own choreographic practice: Chez Bushwick residency (NY), installation performances in Zachęta (2017,2018), Solo Project Plus in Old Brewery and cultural scholarship from Lublin. Her choreographic practice investigates the body and self as a work in progress which has the capacity to undergo a series of transformations and becomings, the body as a metaphor, an instrument, a tool, the embodiment of the animating subject, communicating internal thought processes, emotions and affects, a productive and creative body, not seen as a fixed entity but a series of constant becomings, an integration, a multiplication striving to amplify its potenciality.

ATTENTION: performance have elements of nudity

Concept and choreography: Karolina Kraczkowska; Dramaturgical consultation: Maciej Sado; Lights: Marek Zieliński;
Music consultations: Piotr Przewoźnia; Duration: 40 min

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Tens / The Vessel

09-04-2022 - 15/25 zł - more

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