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Best from the worst

The Best of the Worst with live music: The Phantom Planet

20:30 - 16.08.2018 - Wirydarz / Kino CK - more
Best from the worst

The Best of the Worst with live music: The Phantom Planet

20:30 - 16.08.2018 - more

As part of the Best of the Worst series, we invite you to a live screening with music performed by the Lublin Street Band.

The US Airborne Air Force stationed on the moon is trying to conquer Mars. As their next ship disappears under mysterious circumstances, captain Frank Chapman and his navigator Ray are missioned to the red planet to be investigated. During a cosmic investigation, their vehicle collides unexpectedly with a rain of meteorites, as a result of which Frank is deprived of communication with the base, loses his partner and ultimately falls down on an asteroid inhabited by miniature people. And this is just the beginning of extraordinary events with which he will have to face.
American B-class cinema with rather funny special effects, illogical plot, peculiar dialogues, bad acting and rubber monsters. The movie is so bad that it’s good. Although unsuccessful in many respects today, it is an excellent entertainment and captivates with awkwardness and a specific climate.

directed by: William Marshall
sci-fi / USA / 1961
duration: 82 min

Lublin Street Band was created on the initiative of the Centre for Culture in Lublin in 2016. It was brought to life for the purposes of the presentation of Lublin in Wrocław during the celebrations of the European Capital of Culture 2016 and there it had its premiere. Later the band performed, among others during: Opening Ceremony of the UEFA EURO U21 Football Championships, Lublin Legends Festival, Opening of Lublin’s 700th Anniversary – New Year’s Eve, Polish Days in Tarnopol, Wine Festival in Janowiec, Summer Film Academy in Zwierzyniec, many times conducted parades and musical animations.

The band are
Marcin „Suszkin” Suszek – trumpet
Artur Jargiło – trumpet
Andrzej Flis – alto saxophone
Andrzej Waszczuk – baritone saxophone
Tymoteusz Szpilarewicz – trombone
Krzysztof Redas / Kamil Banach – percussion
Łukasz Szulc – percussion
Bartek Węgliński – guitar
Kacper Różański / Michał Kowalczyk – bass
Gabriel Menet – musical director / piano

Najlepsze z najgorszych – przegląd kina klasy B
Niskie budżety, absurdalne dialogi, kiepskie aktorstwo, kosmici, potwory, fabuła nie trzymająca się kupy, to tylko niektóre cechy najgorszych filmów w historii kinematografii. Entuzjazm twórców kina klasy B  udziela się także widzom. W ramach tego cyklu prezentujemy bardzo złe filmy, które jednak wpisane zostały do kanonu kina kultowego. Każdy pokaz poprzedza krótka prelekcja.


Wirydarz / Kino CK

The Best of the Worst with live music: The Phantom Planet

16-08-2018 - more

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