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Best from the worst

The Disaster Artist

22:00 - 17.02.2018 - Cinema - more
Best from the worst

The Disaster Artist

22:00 - 17.02.2018 - more

The screenplay for “The Disaster Artist” was based on the bestseller by Greg Sestero describing the making of the cult, “the worst film in the world” – “The Room” by Tommy Wiseau.

It tells the true, tragicomic story of the beginning filmmaker and infamous Hollywood outcast, Tommy Wiseau – an artist who realized his passion in a rather controversial way. The director, James Franco turned the story into an affirmation of friendship, artistic expression and the pursuit of dreams in spite of adversities. This amazing and hilarious story proves that you can stay a legend for various reasons. Even if you have no idea what you are doing, you can go very far. For Tomy’s role. James Franco received the Golden Globe.

director: James Franco
cast: James Franco, Dave Franco, Ari Graynor
comedy, biography / drama / USA / 2017
duration: 1 h. 43 min

The best of the Worst – a B-class cinema review

Low budgets, absurd dialogue, bad acting, aliens, monsters, the storyline you can’t follow, and the commitment and passion of the authors – these are just a few of the common characteristics of the worst movies in the history of world cinema. B-class cinema infects makers with its enthusiasm, which also passes to the viewers. In the review’s program we will see very bad movies, which entered the the canon of cult cinema. Each screening is preceeded with a short lecture.



The Disaster Artist

17-02-2018 - more

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