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Ukrajins’kyj Zriz UKRAINE! UNMUTED – collective exhibition

12:00 - 21.10.2023 - Biała Gallery - free admission - more

Ukrajins’kyj Zriz UKRAINE! UNMUTED – collective exhibition

12:00 - 21.10.2023 - free admission - more

The fifth edition of the Triennial of Contemporary Art Ukrajins’kyj Zriz is entitled “UKRAINE!UNMUTED.”

The curatorial concept of the exhibition was prepared by Vlodko Kaufman in cooperation with Sergiy Petlyuk. The exhibition was originally carried out in Lithuania, as part of the European Capital of Culture in Kaunas, in December 2022.

The idea of the exhibition is to counteract silence and strengthen the voice of fighting Ukraine. The war is a catalyst for many changes in Ukrainian society and public institutions. It poses existential questions and demands quick and honest answers, and in this context the presentation of Ukrainian artists’ statements is of great importance. The war is the price that Ukraine pays to be in the spotlight, not only of reporters from around the world, but also of artistic and cultural institutions and specialists who shape artistic canons, create and destroy hierarchies, evaluate phenomena in art. Ukraine is painfully emerging from the shadow of the Soviet empire, gaining a chance to gain the coveted cultural voice and subjectivity. Ukrainian artists worked on this not only reflecting on the collective state of uncertainty and lack of voice, but also looking for different ways to extract the right words and the possibility of saying them. The aim of the exhibition is to reflect the feelings and perceptions of artists in a situation where their voices can be heard and “unmute” becomes possible.

Artists participating in the exhibition: Yana Bachynska, Andrii Dostliev & Lia Dostlieva, Fantastic Little Splash (Lera Malchenko, Oleksandr Hants), Zhanna Kadyrova, Alevtina Kakhidze, Vlodko Kaufman, Myro Klochko & Anatoliy Tatarenko, Sasha Kurmaz, Katya Libkind, Natalia Lisova, Pavlo Makov, Sergiy Petlyuk, Viacheslav Poliakov, Andriy Rachinskiy & Daniil Revkovskiy, Iurii Shtaida, Yaryna Shumska, Volodymyr Topiy, Stanislav Turina, Kostiantyn Zorkin.

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Ukrajins’kyj Zriz UKRAINE! UNMUTED – collective exhibition

21-10-2023 - free admission - more

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