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Windows’22 / Justyna Olszewska: Stardust

10:00 - 09.10.2022 - Witryna przy ul. Staszica 2 - wstęp wolny - more

Windows’22 / Justyna Olszewska: Stardust

10:00 - 09.10.2022 - wstęp wolny - more

Dust is everywhere, both the one travelling in space, and the one that settles on things which haven’t been used for a long time.

The particles accumulating in outer space block the light of stars and block our view of the cosmos, just as dust obscures objects (…).
Justyna Olszewska

The exhibition “Stardust” is the result of many years of the artist’s activities on the border of art and science. It results from disagreement with the current state of things – the problem of space debris, progressive pollution of the sky with artificial light, and the imminent climate catastrophe.


“Windows’22” project is implemented as part of the European Capital of Youth 2022-2023 and thanks to the support of the City of Lublin in cooperation with the Center for Culture in Lublin.

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Witryna przy ul. Staszica 2


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Windows’22 / Justyna Olszewska: Stardust

09-10-2022 - wstęp wolny - more

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