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Splat!FilmFest 5

You Might Be The Killer

22:00 - 09.12.2019 - Cinema - more
Splat!FilmFest 5

You Might Be The Killer

22:00 - 09.12.2019 - more

Every horror enthusiast should watch this fantastic collection of movie references. Polish premiere.

It is good to have a nerdy friend whose field of interest includes classic horror films – especially those about a murderer who prowls around at a summer camp (where you are currently working!). That is the exact case of Sam – a likeable and harmless caretaker who finds himself in a deadly trap. The number of his colleagues has shrunk drastically, and as he, covered in blood, tries to escape this psychopathic villain, his only choice is to call his friend. Chuck, as the slasher movie specialist she is, uses her knowledge to help and lead Sam the right way. Determining the order of the murders and figuring out the clues leads to shocking (not for everyone though) answers. Sam has to face a surprising truth, the forces of darkness, and the age-old patterns of horror movies.

“You Might Be The Killer” is a dark, bloody, violent comedy which also includes carefree play with widely known cinematic storylines. An atypical and surprising plot not only brings changes to old themes, but also laughs at the vibe of the film and lets us watch a classic theme from a totally different perspective. It seems that Fran Kranz emerged from beneath the ruins of a cabin in the woods, just so he could face a similar plot again. His partner is Alyson Hannigan, who used to accompany Buffy Summers in her vampire-hunting trips.

world premiere: Fantastic Fest 2018
director: Brett Simmons
writer: Thomas P. Vitale, Brett Simmons, Covis Berzoyne
director of photography: Andrew Strahorn
editor: Stephen Pfeil
cast: Fran Kranz, Alyson Hannigan, Brittany S. Hall, Jenna Harvey, Bryan Price
music: Andrew Morgan Smith
black comedy / USA / 2018
duration: 92 min



You Might Be The Killer

09-12-2019 - more

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