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Open-air season with the Centre for Culture

We have a plan for the summer in the city! Dozens of fantastic events around the entire city, summer concerts, outdoor performances and much more.


For the long June’s weekend, we have prepared performances by the Musical Theatre, the Senior Theatre and a fire show by Sztukmistrze Foundation.. Everything will take place in the Concert Amphitheatre „The Shell” in the Saski Garden, in the framework of the Theatre Spaces of Art project. A Family Picnic will take place in Ludowy Park, with performances for children and families, performed by, among others Pan Ząbek, Sztuczka Theatre or Andersen Theatre. Join the games and activities in the company of artists, animators and fairy-tale characters.

We will start our festivals at the end of June. First, the Theatre Spaces with the best outdoor performances in Lublin. We will see productions from the repertoire of, among others Osterwa Theatre, Music Theatre in Lublin, Andersen Theatre, Stary Theatre and the Centre for Culture in Lublin.


The beginning of July is a meeting with the culture of national, ethnic, and religious minorities living in Lubin at the Multicultural Lublin Festival.

The most outstanding representatives of the contemporary jazz scene will perform at the Inner Courtyard during the Lublin Jazz Festival.

The Dance Space of Art will also launch in July, during which we will see best dance theatre performances.


In August, the 2nd edition of the Lubliner Festival – Jewish Culture Festival will take place. It is an unusual project that combines tradition and memory with modern means of expression.


Additionally, the following activities will be taking place throughout the summer season:

  • Inner Courtyard of the Centre for Culture (May-October)
  • Concert Amphitheatre „The Shell” in the Saski Garden (May-September)
  • Wild Children Reserve (June-August)
  • Central Playground (July-August)

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