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Centre for Culture’s Manifesto

We, the team of the Centre for Culture in Lublin, are watching the situation in Eastern Europe carefully and with sensitivity. We wholeheartedly support Ukraine and the people fleeing the war. From the first days of the Russian invasion, we have been working tirelessly to create a safe haven for them.

Thanks to the initiative of, among others, The Homo Faber Association, our building hosts the Lublin Social Committee for Aid to Ukraine. We operate in a help mode, and we are learning to do it from the best, for which we are very grateful. At the same time, we are aware that the current situation may last much longer, and change quite unpredictably. We strive to ensure that our activities meet the expectations in the long term. We want our institution to become more and more accessible to Ukrainian-speaking people, which will help create an additional value to the current recipients of our offer. We want to continue implementing a programme that will gradually involve Ukrainian artists, enabling them to be on the receiving end but also to co-create cultural events. We believe that the creators of culture face the wonderful, but also difficult challenge of integrating through participation in culture.

The Centre for Culture in Lublin is a place open to everyone, regardless of their mother tongue, age, origin or ability. For over two decades, it has been one of the most important gates to the East, presenting the richness of our neighbours’ culture. We also remember the situation in Belarus, cooperating with the artists engaged in the struggle against the regime. Over the years we have organized numerous exhibitions, performances, concerts and international projects, established priceless relationships. Our goal is to build a cultural institution that is inclusive, welcoming and accessible. The pillar that binds our activities is art, which has the power to tame reality and connect people. We want it to be a living and adequate response to the times we live in.

In the spirit of this thought, we are launching the “Spilna Kultura” project, which will allow different cultural circles to come together. The war interrupted artistic, animation and organizational processes they were involved in. Remember there are wonderful artists among the refugees – people who can support their countrymen spiritually and morally with their creativity. We also count on the cooperation of the entire Lublin’s community, which will help in more effective operation.

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