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Splat!FilmFest 5

Body at Brighton Rock

18:15 - 13.12.2019 - Cinema - more
Splat!FilmFest 5

Body at Brighton Rock

18:15 - 13.12.2019 - more

It’s not another story about a strong and independent heroine. Polish premiere.

Wendy works part-time at a mountain national park. She’s scatterbrained, not very resourceful and at first glance you can see that she would do better working in a small zoo. She wants to prove to her colleagues at all costs that she is a valuable member of the team. The girl exchanges assignments with her friend and sets off on the last park tour before the end of the season. She soon leaves the marked route, and also loses her map and all sense of direction. Terrified and panicking, she tries to call for help while, in the meantime, she notices a corpse lying at the foot of a rock…the rescue services will not arrive before dawn and the girl is forced to spend the whole night in the company of the deceased. She faces not only a unique test of character, but also a struggle for survival and sanity. Her challenge is anything but simple, Wendy isn’t like Bear Grylls, she’s more like…a terrified Bambi from the movie of the same name.

The character created by Roxanne Benjamin does not resemble most of the resourceful and brave heroines of the horror movie industry. We should not count on her to grab the nearest sharp tool that comes to hand in the face of danger and steal our hearts with her bravura fight against the forces of nature. Rather than stealing our hearts, she’ll tickle them a little. Instead of an outdoor thriller, you’ll find a light, comical and clumsy way to break the usual cinematic pattern that will offer you a bit of relaxation in the midst of the fear and terror around you. Splat!FilmFest has often proved that women can be powerful… it’s just that Wendy needs to recharge her batteries.

world premiere: Sundance Film Festival 2019
director: Roxanne Benjamin
screenwriter: Roxanne Benjamin
cast: Karina Fontes, Emily Althaus, Casey Adams
director of photography: Hannah Getz
editor: Matt Blundell, Courtney Marcilliat
music: The Gifted
thriller, horror / USA / 2019
duration: 87 min



Body at Brighton Rock

13-12-2019 - more

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