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19:00 - 01.06.2018 - Cinema - more


19:00 - 01.06.2018 - more

A picture of life of the New York kids, whose life passes in a string of parties, alcohol, sex and drugs.

Amoral teen Telly (Leo Fitzpatrick) has made it his goal to sleep with as many virgin girls as possible — but he doesn’t tell them that he’s HIV positive. While on the hunt for his latest conquest, Telly and his best friend, Casper (Justin Pierce), smoke pot and steal from shops around New York. Meanwhile, Jenny (Chloë Sevigny), one of Telly’s early victims, makes it her mission to save other girls from him. But before she has a chance to confront him at a party, everything goes horribly wrong.

“Kids” is a picture that from the beginning aroused indignation and criticism. First, it caused a real storm at the premiere at the Sundance festival. Also in Cannes, it did not go without controversy. Viewers leaving the cinema during the screening recognize the film as completely immoral. The director was attacked, accusing him of abuses and exaggerated uncompromising attitude in showing New York youth. And they were even charged with child pornography. On the other hand, this shocking picture was awarded and became absolutely iconic. The author of the script is Harmony Korine, later the director of the no less iconic movie “Gummo” or the newer “Spring Breakers”.

directed by: Larry Clark
dramat/ USA / 1995
duration: 91 min




01-06-2018 - more

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