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18:00 - 21.09.2023 - Cinema - 5 zł - more


18:00 - 21.09.2023 - 5 zł - more
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The gastronomic celebration full of surprises. Not all of them will be pleasant. The action will soon take a dark turn.

A young couple (Anya Taylor-Joy and Nicholas Hoult) arrive on an offshore island where they visit an upscale restaurant. The local chef (Ralph Fiennes) has prepared a sumptuous menu with some shocking surprises.

Directed by: Mark Mylod
cast: Ralph Fiennes, Anya Taylor-Joy, Nicholas Hoult, Hong Chau
black comedy / USA / 2022
running time: 106 min
host: Krystian Drozd

Benshi is a series of film meeting for movie nerds who enjoy discussing films. If you love cinema – join us. Seek inspiration. Inspire.

Series: Island
Holidays come and go… one reflects with a hint of nostalgia. We understand this heavy sigh perfectly and we are here to help you, as always. That is why in September we propose to take a breath in silence and concentration together with the ISLAND series. What can you expect? For an appetizer, we suggest a meeting with sophisticated frames in a full-length stop-motion animation entitled “ISLAND OF DOGS” (2018). We will move to Japan and together with the 12-year-old Atari dismantle the pathologies of authoritarian power. Fans of Wes Anderson will be pleased. As the main course, this time we propose “GHOSTS OF INSHERIN” (2022), a film by the director of the drama “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” already presented on Benshi. Martin McDonagh and his latest, almost two-hour cinematic twist, will take us to the shores of green Ireland. We will spend time in the company of two friends. Doesn’t sound like a recipe for success, but it is! According to Krystian Drozd, it’s a cinematic must-have this year, so don’t let us down! The next dish in the post-holiday offer will be nomen omen “MENU” (2022) by Marek Mylod, director of the recently famous “Succession” or “Game of Thrones”. This time we will go to a mysterious island to taste the dishes served in an exclusive restaurant, and Ralph Fiennes and Anya Taylor-Joy will take care of our cinema palates. For dessert, we will return to Ireland to unravel the secrets hidden by an inconspicuous country house with the premiere of “SILENT GIRL” (2022) directed by Colm Bairéad. Our visual experience will be taken care of by Kate McCullough, cinematographer awarded with the European Film Award. Book September Thursdays and follow us to the ISLAND of cinema.

We would like to remind you that the CK Cinema has the slogan “Cinema, not popcorn”, which means that we focus on screenings without advertising. Hours of screenings in our cinema are tantamount to the start of the film screening. Please arrive on time. According to the regulations, latecomers will not be admitted to screenings.

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21-09-2023 - 5 zł - more

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