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Lubliner Festival

Shofar: Mikołaj Trzaska / Raphael Rogiński / Paweł Szpura

21:30 - 12.08.2022 - Courtyard - free admission - more
Lubliner Festival

Shofar: Mikołaj Trzaska / Raphael Rogiński / Paweł Szpura

21:30 - 12.08.2022 - free admission - more

From the very beginning, the band Shofar focuses on music related to the mystical Jewish tradition. The presented pieces originate from pre-war musicological research in Ukraine, Poland and Moldova.

Among them are the niguns, or as the musicians themselves define them: magical religious songs that are supposed to introduce into a trance and ecstasy. Preserving the sound material of the melody in an unchanged form, it is possible to get to know the whole spectrum of Hasidic music and the culture associated with it. The enormity of this tradition is filtered through the personalities of the musicians forming the band. Great personalities. In this band, the music is the music of the present, not a museum item. Shofar is a musical project founded several years ago by guitarist Raphael Rogiński, who has already been known many times as an extremely talented and unique artist, and most importantly, explores musical regions that are not often visited. In line with his intention, the trio presents Jewish works in new, vivid and symbiotic arrangements with other musical trends.

Raphael Rogiński – guitarist, composer and performer, improviser, cultural animator, as well as a researcher of musical folklore. Co-founder of the Shofar trio and leader of the bands Cukunft, Alte Zachen and Wovoka. For years he has been combining elements of
blues, free jazz, swing and klezmer music.

Mikołaj Trzaska – saxophonist, bass clarinettist, composer of film music. A member of the great world family of avant-garde musicians, and a leading figure on the Polish improvised scene.

Paweł Szpura – drummer, associated with the scene of the Warsaw club Pardon, To Tu. Member of several permanent music projects, incl. Hera, Cukunft, Wovoka.


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Shofar: Mikołaj Trzaska / Raphael Rogiński / Paweł Szpura

12-08-2022 - free admission - more

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