Przejdź do treści
Kirszenbaum is like Wyspiański on mephedrone.
Pani Bum robi szum
Pani Bum playing retro sounds and your legs will just start dancing on their own.
Slavic Jazz Underground
A music collective founded by Lena Romul (saxophonist, singer and composer). The idea of the band is to combine folk inspirations with contemporary, slightly electronic and jazz music.
Lublin Street Band
This wild band infects people with the positive amount of jazz-funk energy.
The band plays songs inspired by the traditional music of the Second Polish Republic, in particular the music of the areas where different cultures and traditions meet and permeate each other.
Experts in throwing crazy events with a real rock'n'roll in the leading role, who made a true art from performing covers.
New Rock – author’s concert by Jacek Giszczak
Jacek Giszczak - bachelor of the French Order of Arts and Letters, translator of Frenchand frankophone literature, composer, songwriter and prose writer.
Pupile Awangardy/Zagi
This time, Pupile Awangardy will prepare improvisation from very well-known ingredients.
Czarne Lwy z Przedmieścia
The band is formed by great musicians who understand themselves so much that they do not even need to rehearse before performances.

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