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Tender Fights 2020
During a hot summer we meet in the only possible place. Held by the sea, we fight tenderly.
Movement Centre
A space for everyone who loves dance and movement. Classes where you can develop your dance passions, improve your condition and well-being.
Zawirowania Dance Theatre
They will express their feelings through movement and music. The performance by Zawirowania Dance Theatre will be a journey into human emotions.
Treasure of the Unnamed Mountain
The performance was created by the choreographer Krzysztof Skolimowski based on a text by Juliusz Grzybowski. The dancers who play the characters of the fairy tale are accompanied by live music performed by Mateusz Skolimowski, a music school student.
Bodily Suites Reclaimed
The performance was created in response to pandemic isolation.
Lithos [λίθος] in Ancient Greek means a stone. The creators of the performance are interested in the way up the hill, to the top of their own abilities, and at the same time the road in which failures are more important than reaching the top.
IN / SIDE is a movement performance. The theme that inspired the creators to act was the borderline of corporeality and spirituality / ephemerality and physicality in the context of existence, being a human being.
William Cardoso: Verdura – a work-in-progress presentation of Project 2/3
"Verdura", inspired by the famous painting by Hieronymus Bosch entitled "The Garden of Earthly Delights", is a meeting of two people intoxicated with destructive passion.
[closed] – a dance experiment
The performative project by Wojciech Kaproń and Agata Grabałowska connects apparently distant poles: classical contemporary dance.
Hyperspace [ONLINE]
24th International Dance Theatres Meetings
The Ephemeral Life of an Octopus [ONLINE]
24th International Dance Theatres Meetings.
Goldberg Variations [ONLINE]
24th International Dance Theatres Meetings
24th International Dance Theatres Meetings
Even Worse [ONLINE]
24th International Dance Theatres Meetings
Manhattan [CANCELLED]
During the second edition of the Polish Dance Network this year, we will see the performance by the Bytom Dance and Movement Theatre ROZBARK.

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